About Thumbay Pharmacy

Thumbay Pharmacy-AdvantagesThumbay Pharmacy – A trusted brand in retail pharmacy services.
Buoyant by the confidence and trust expressed by thousands of satisfied customers on the professional services rendered by our well informed and eager to serve pharmacists, the group is envisaging to operate a retail chain of pharmacies promoting the brand Thumbay Pharmacy all over the years shortly. In the coming months Pharmacy Services shall be operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

We are eager to serve you as a one-stop solution for all your queries on medicines & allied products both in terms of availability and counseling.


The Thumbay Pharmacy features an integrated system directed towards medication needs of the consumers. The 24 hours pharmacy service provides a wide range of medication to cater to the requirement of all medical and surgical specialties. Well-experienced pharmacists with a friendly attitude serve the patients/customers round the clock.

The Thumbay Pharmacy’s mission is to provide a safe, high-quality pharmaceutical care to our patients in a professional ambience, shared respect and cordial communication.


The pharmacist’s role is to provide at all times, an adequate supply of safe, effective and good quality drugs in appropriate dosage forms consistent with the needs of the patients and to rationalize drug utilization in collaboration with the medical staff. The Thumbay Pharmacy satisfies the need for pharmacists performing their role as the vital link in the chain of health professionals dedicated to patient care.

Institutional Goals for the Hospital Pharmacy Service:

  • To provide the benefits of a qualified hospital pharmacist to patients and to the allied health professionals and institutions.
  • To assure a high quality of professional practice through the establishment and maintenance of standards of professional ethics, education, attainment and promotion of economic welfare.
  • To add value to individual patient care by ensuring safe, accurate, rational and cost-effective use of medicines.
  • To engage in collaborative and interdisciplinary practice with other healthcare practitioners for the purpose of improving care and conserving resources.
  • To optimize the use of human resources through expanded roles for pharmacy trainees increased utilization of automation, technology and the development of the professional role of the pharmacist.
  • To promote research in hospital pharmacy & clinical pharmacy practices.
  • To disseminate pharmaceutical knowledge by providing an exchange of information among hospital pharmacists, members of allied specialties and professions.
  • To optimize the impact of pharmacy student and resident training through the development of an educational practice model which results in the attainment of department, hospital, and professional goals.
  • To refine from time to time the purchase & inventory control system so as to standardize the availability of an adequate stock of medications at all times at a healthy profit.